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Think we only create memorable content for our brand partners? Think again. We’ve been producing our own original projects, with an ever-growing collection of groovy little tales that create the unique Butcher Bird oeuvre.

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Orbital Redux

The Year is 2050. Space ain’t what it used to be.

On yet another delivery mission to the moon, a washed-up astronaut gets stuck with a trainee he can’t stand. When everything goes wrong they must rely on one another to survive.

Space used to be cool. Back in 2028, Zachery “Max” Levodolinksy joined a sterling class of NASA astronauts. But a decade later NASA ran out of funding and all the hero jobs went away. Now Max is 45 years old and he’s captaining a heap-of-junk orbital tanker on a weekly Helium-3 run to the moon and back again. Rampant computer viruses mean nothing can be automated. Space-qualified pilots are still needed… but just barely.

After ten years of thankless orbital transpo, Max’s company throws a new pilot his way for training: Tomasina “Tommie” al-Qasimi. She’s 25, full of fresh enthusiasm and way too much confidence as she works to prove herself. And when the latest redux goes very, very wrong they will have to work together if they want to survive. No pressure, right?

Better Off Zed

Are you with the right partner to face the end?

For the last decade, Guy (Sibley) has worked a mentally and physically demanding 60-hour week, a soul-crushing daily grind that has frayed his nerves; while his wife Paige (Woods), a free spirit with multiple fine arts degrees to her name, has spent their marriage chasing creative inspiration. When the zombie apocalypse arrives, Guy is ecstatic: no more grueling work, no more monotony, no more hopeless future.

He spends his days in idyllic splendor, living life in the moment… while Paige snaps into survival mode and takes on the role of pragmatist, figuring out how to secure their perimeter and stretch out their food supply, while following news reports for any glimmer of hope that they might be able to escape. The couple—in essence—has switched places. And in this new dynamic, all of the small fissures pressured beneath the surface of their relationship finally crack open, forcing them to deal not only with Armageddon, but with a potentially far more horrifying reality… each other.

Helmed by award-winning director Travis Stevens (Linked; Shelf Life) and with a script penned by 2015 Nicholl Fellowship-winner Amy Tofte, Better Off Zed stars Christine Woods (HBO’s Hello Ladies; The Walking Dead; About a Boy) and Graham Sibley (Sully; Jane the Virgin; Acquarius). The film is executive produced by Linda Morel (Key & Peele; Heathers, Teachers).

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