Legendary – Orbital Redux

Our most ambitious live experience yet: an eight-episode, live performed, scripted science-fiction adventure…The year is 2050. Space ain’t what it used to be.





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Orbital Redux is a ground-breaking, live sci-fi narrative series created for Legendary Digital’s Alpha platform. With a live band providing the score, live special effects, and of course, live performances captured with ten cameras in and around the set, Orbital is an unmissable weekly experience. This thrilling space adventure integrates audience-interaction through real-time choice points, allowing the fanbase to affect aspects of the story, drive character relationships, and inspire improvisation for the actors. Along with the live broadcasts, all eight episodes are available to watch on DUST TV.

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Nerding Out with Nerdist

Pre-show and post-show experiences are produced exclusively for the Nerdist audience. The pre-show builds up hype for the episode, and a post-show features the cast alongside special guests and experts to explore the weekly themes, science, and story points.

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