Innovating through new technologies in television: TVOT LIVE! 2022

Feb 09, 2022

Innovating through new technologies in television: TVOT LIVE! 2022



Hosted by Interactive TV Today (ITVT) and The TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT), TVOT LIVE! celebrates the most forward-thinking television in the industry and the cutting-edge technologies that enable its production.

The event showcases prominent speakers across advanced advertising, audience measurement, and interactive programming, providing an unparalleled opportunity to understand insights of the innovators leading TV into tomorrow. Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Producer and Director at Butcher Bird Studios, participated in their Television Innovators Showcase panel on January 13th, 2022.

The panel explored the ways that new technologies and contemporary ideas about narrative, engagement, and viewing experience are driving fresh forms of television programming.

The selection of speakers moderated by Chris Pfaff (Chris Pfaff Tech Media) showcased all sides of TV innovation, from Lillian’s expertise in independent production to Zane Vella from Comcast, covering everything from making content to curating and distributing it. Erik Langner brought his experience with taking connectivity and interactive media to underserved communities, and Roy Firestone from Edgecast discussed new forms of interactivity through traditional broadcast media.

Watch the full panel on Vimeo.

Key Takeaways

Big changes in the market at the moment involve the combination of a lower bar of entry for production, and the need for content curation and management in order to wrangle the vast waves of media that are now available to viewers. Audiences can now consume content on everything from linear cable to smart TVs, down to devices like mobile phones or your Peloton. The definition of “television” has expanded dramatically alongside the many various ways people can now enjoy TV.

The key to success is to understand audiences on different platforms, as well as finding the balance of production value vs. audience interaction, depending on what the viewers on your destined platform are looking for.

Audience interaction is another exciting development in new television technologies. Real-time feedback allows creators to respond to audiences’ reactions to new content, and evolve rapidly and organically. Giving the audience more control over not just what they watch, but how they watch it, and how they engage with it, is a pretty thrilling proposition — whether you’re creating shows for Twitch and TikTok or broadcasting the Olympics in 360° virtual reality!

On her participation in the panel, Lillian added, “An independent producer suddenly has access to virtual production technology for a much lower cost of entry, which expands what you can do both creatively and technologically. It’s really exciting on that front. I look forward to seeing what that brings, both from individual content creators with their own streaming set-ups and content production, and from organizations like Butcher Bird Studios and how we can utilize these tools, work with this talent, and do things that are exciting and fresh.”

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Lillian Diaz-Przybyl is a Producer and Head of Creative Development at Butcher Bird Studios. A true platform-agnostic, Lillian specializes in bringing stories to life in innovative formats and for unconventional audiences including commercial work with Microsoft and Airbnb and directing live stream and broadcast content for Twitch and Netflix. She served as co-creator and showrunner of Butcher Bird’s first narrative series, Orbital Redux.