Achieving success with brands on TikTok

Jan 20, 2022

Achieving success with brands on TikTok

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When it comes to engaging young audiences with branded content, TikTok is the platform at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But TikTok’s viewership is notoriously niche, with a fine-tuned authenticity detector. It can be a difficult platform to navigate and easy to make a mistake with your audience.

So how, and why, are massive entertainment companies like Netflix making the move to the platform? Here are our most important takeaways on how to elevate your branded content on TikTok and truly engage with your audience.

Why use TikTok for interactive branded content?

  • On TikTok, everyone is equal. The platform is unparalleled at breaking down the barriers between hit stars and their viewers — everyone interacts in the same way, on the same platform, across their content of interest.
  • 1:1 interaction. You’ve put the energy into building a show, or brand, or entertainment company. A community has naturally evolved alongside it — so why not make the most of those already-engaged fans? Individual engagement enhances trust and maintains a fan’s interest, as well as their external support for your content.
  • Creating content about content. Reach out to new audiences and propel current fans to engage with all your content. Watch parties — like our recent live streams for Stranger Things and Cobra Kai — directly engage your audience with your whole brand, by connecting them with what they love.
KallMeKris TikTok livestream (TikTok website view) on Netflix channel

What should brands know about TikTok livestreams?

Real-time connection has shortened the chain between creators and consumers. How can you use this to benefit your brand using TikTok livestreams?

  • Know your niche — and amplify its sense of exclusivity. Research your audience to identify how they like to consume content, which trends they follow, and which influencers they resonate with. There should be a strong sense of brand presence, but in a format that is unique from all other platforms.
  • Be authentic. Capture this niche by being a part of the audience you’re trying to engage with. Genuine connection comes from impulsive spontaneity, and while production value is still important, there’s a fine line to tread between a lack of preparation and traditional TV production. Our advice? Set parameters for the stream, but then let anything and everything happen.
  • Prioritize the talent. Keeping talent comfortable is integral. If your content is too structured, or your talent doesn’t feel 100% at ease, your audience will know. Keep your promise of authenticity to your viewers by focusing on the main reason they’re engaging with your content.
“Cheer” TikTok livestream (TikTok website view) via Netflix channel

Inspired to drive your brand engagement on TikTok? Let’s chat. Butcher Bird Studios provides a professional level experience on a platform that is specifically designed to be an individual user level experience. We can enhance your project from creative conception all the way to polished execution.