Virtual Production: How We Do It

Butcher Bird tackles eight dynamic CG scenes that show off our innovative approach to virtual production using a green screen volume.

Virtual Production

Virtually Unstoppable

The phrase “Virtual Production” often brings to mind massive shows like The Mandalorian or 1899, but this exciting new technology is quickly becoming a key tool in the Butcher Bird arsenal. In collaboration with Pixotope, Mo-Sys, and Blackmagic Design, This is How We Do It pushes the limits of VP (Virtual Production) capabilities for independent studios by creating eight distinct virtual environments, all shot live on a green screen volume.

Key Metrics


Unique virtual environments


CG assets


Virtual production shooting days

Virtually Anyplace

Our unique green screen volume solution allows us to push the boundaries of creativity with real-time motion tracking, compositing, multi-cam shooting, and world building in Unreal Engine. From a talk show set, to distant alien planets, we place live actors in environments that teem with possibilities. Now we can apply virtual production flexibility to small and mid-scale production, with thrilling results.

“I’m blown away with the real-time keying this team accomplished with the Ultimatte 12. They’re achieving a look that would have only been possible on broadcast budgets just a few years ago — and they’re doing it for a livestream workflow.”
- Dave Hoffman, Blackmagic Design

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