BuzzFeed / Eko – Video Quizzes

BuzzFeed’s iconic quizzes brought to life with the interactive storytelling capabilities of Eko’s choose-your-own-adventure video platform.

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You Won’t Believe What This Interactive Quiz Reveals About You!

A series of multiple-choice video quizzes for BuzzFeed on the Eko interactive video platform, offering viewers over a hundred different outcomes. These quizzes cover a diverse range of subjects, including parenting skills, fashion choices, crafting techniques, and language learning. By filming the interactive experiences in a 9×16 format, the content is optimized for mobile viewing and offers a seamless and immersive user experience, introducing a new level of entertainment and engagement for quiz enthusiasts worldwide.

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Unique video modules


Aspect ratio for optimized mobile viewing

Brand Integration

These interactive quizzes not only capture the unique tone and style of BuzzFeed, but also present a unique opportunity. Designed to attract partnerships with brands, this interactive format provides an engaging platform for advertisers to connect with audiences in an innovative way. See the case study for BuzzFeed x Walmart to see the campaign that directly followed!

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