Netflix – Tudum Watch Party

Netflix launches a three-hour marketing event, chock full of announcements, celebrities, and exclusive clips. Sounds like it’s time for a WATCH PARTY!

Branded Content



Virtual Production

Geeking It Up

Netflix’s Geeked is the umbrella brand for all of its genre content, and Butcher Bird helps them create an entire watch party show–replete with original content and influencer hosts–to shape and contextualize all of the exciting content broadcast in the main Tudum announcement video. The result? A fantastic companion stream for the global Netflix video, tailor-made for the world’s Geeked fans.

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Virtually Geeked

This live event features an original, Geeked virtual set with tracked cameras that place our hosts in an immersive world while they comment on Tudum, pull out costumes from The Witcher, and give fans of genre content exactly what they needed… a vibrant, active community of fellow enthusiasts experiencing awesome content in real time.

Let's Get Up to Something