Singularity 6 – Palia Game Play First Look

Dive into the world of Palia in this exciting game play first look, where game producers give the latest details from inside the virtual game environment.

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Virtual Production

Game Play Within the Game

In this first-of-its-kind announcement of Singularity Six’s new MMO video game Palia, key members of the development team appear within the actual game to walk audiences through its game play, features, and visuals. By using virtual production to bring the Unreal Engine model for Palia’s gameworld into our Unreal-driven green screen volume stage, we allowed the game’s creators to hang out within their own creation.


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Community Driven Conversations

The live-to-tape multi-cam studio production was streamed across multiple platforms, with coordinated audience interactions. Palia’s thriving community came out in full force to support the stream, surpassing Singularity Six’s metrics within the first five minutes of the show, and earning organic placement on the twitch homepage carousel.

“It is so exciting to see our talent in the virtual world that players will literally go in and see…It exceeded my expectations to see the world come to life.”
- Javi Carlos, Sr. PR & Communications Manager at Singularity 6

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