Samsung Galaxy – Puzzle Boxes

Not your average unboxing video.

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Unlock The Box

What happens when you put Twitch influencers, Samsung phones, and a lockbox together in one stream? A puzzle game with thousands upon thousands of players! Streamers receive a mystery box containing a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, but unlike an ordinary unboxing video, they must crack a code and solve a series of personalized puzzles and riddles to unlock the coveted phone.

Key Metrics


Total channel followers for all streamers involved


Total number of Galaxy Z Fold3’s shipped in 2021


Total number of puzzles


These complicated challenges might be too much for streamers to handle on their own, but fortunately, they’re able to call on all of their followers to help them out. This means each influencer’s audience can be leveraged, using the power of a community-based streaming platform like Twitch to turn something typical into interactive, out-of-the-box content.

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