Lexus – Next Level with Lexus

TheSushiDragon hosts an interactive competition, sponsored by Lexus, to elevate an up-and-coming streamer with a huge cash prize.

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Next Level Streaming

In this live in-studio game show, popular streamer TheSushiDragon hosts for an audience of over 440,000 viewers from the front page of Twitch. Four brilliant creative streamers compete for $20,000 in prize money to take their streams to the Next Level. This series of challenges culminates in a chat-chosen winner in a realtime virtual tug-of-war. After the live broadcast airs, the two hour event transforms into three exclusive short-form specials for Amazon’s FireTV.

Broadcast-quality production and high-stakes creative competition are just the tip of the iceberg. The high-concept game show set design integrates brand elements, and every shot incorporates a stunning angle of the Lexus NX itself through clever use of a turntable stage and a beautifully-designed dynamic lighting system.

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Fan Engagement

No judges? No problem. Next Level embraces the power and drama of “live” by giving viewers control of the show. From creative pitches to segment choices to an intense, winner-takes-all showdown, the audience is in the driver’s seat. For the finale: a virtual “Tug of War” tallies hundreds of thousands of votes cast through chat. Voters know exactly how the tally stands and what they need to do to help their favorite streamer. The viewers own the narrative through engagement in this exhilarating live gameshow.

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