Netflix – Geeked Week 2023

Leveling up Netflix’s celebration of premium genre titles for an unparalleled virtual fan experience, three years running.

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Virtual Production

A Virtual Fan Convention

Trailers, first looks, insider content, exclusive announcements, interactive games, drops, giveaways, and special engagements with popular cast and crew – ALL of this rolled into one dynamic, multi-day extravaganza and delivered straight to ride or die fans of Netflix’s genre line up. Geeked Week is all about fans connecting with their favorite show and each other on social media platforms, as if they were padding down the halls of major fan gatherings such as Comic Con.

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Netflix Titles Featured

Virtual Production and Global Reach

We have always employed virtual production to immerse guests in fantastic environments, but this year we migrated our VP to Netflix’s own, massive LED stage where our hosts broadcast from within the show worlds out to a global audience. Geeked Week reached EIGHT markets, in SIX different languages, across FOUR different social media platforms (TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram), serving as the cornerstone of Netflix’s marketing effort, which generated thousands of press articles with over 1.1BB impressions worldwide.

“My whole existence is based on getting to do three Geeked Weeks!”
- Zack Snyder, Director