Volkswagen – “Let’s Go!” With Sydeon

A four-episode travel series presented by VW, where Twitch streamer Sydeon interviews guests all over Los Angeles and stars in her very own original VW Taos car commercial.

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VW In the City of Angels

Let’s Go! is a four-episode IRL travel series developed for Volkswagen on Twitch. Host and mental health advocate Sydeon whisks her guest stars (and of course, the VW Taos) all over Los Angeles to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Specialized remote teams stream high-bandwidth video and audio from each location, navigating the unique challenges that come with moving from beach to boutique and back.

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But wait, isn’t this an ad? Twitch isn’t traditional, and neither is this show. Every episode features in-studio, television-tier VW Taos commercials… starring Sydeon! These spots are customized for Sydeon and her community, blending the design with the looks and activities of each episode. The result? A seamless experience that places viewers in the passenger seat and brings them along for the ride. And with over one million views per episode, riding shotgun was a pretty good time.

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