Reggie Watts – Crowe’s Nest

A fully-improvised, livestreamed, off-the wall sitcom experience, parodying the traditional format with new, live, and interactive twists.




VR / AR / XR

The Best in the Nest

A live, full-improvised sitcom, featuring comedian and entertainer Reggie Watts and two co-conspirators, Rory Scovel and Kate Berlant, creating a crazy comedic world from scratch. Digital Domain and Super Deluxe help to realize this interactive experience for viewers worldwide. Using nine broadcast cameras across three sets (a living room, bedroom, and a cafe), performers are given as much space to play as possible, creating a completely improvised sitcom world.

Virtual Laughs

Crowe’s Nest is streamed on Watts’ YouTube page, as well as several other streaming platforms, including on Super Deluxe, who provides an interactive social media overlay and on-set digital picture frames populated with photos submitted by online viewers! Meanwhile, Digital Domain streams a live VR version of the show, bringing audiences directly into the action as Reggie, Kate and Rory bring their own hilarious, convoluted narrative to the screen.

Let's Get Up to Something