Blue Triton – Splash Back Beat Battle with T-Pain

A bubbly beat battle brought to you by Blue Triton Brands, hosted by T-Pain himself.

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T-Pain Brings the Flavor

Twitch’s top talent go head-to-head every week in a beat battle overseen by the one and only T-Pain. A full-fledged streamer in his own right, T-Pain brings his mentorship skills and delicious fizzy beverage knowledge to bear on Splash Back Beat Battle as the host and official spokesperson for Blue Triton’s fizziest and fruitiest hydration solution

From multi-platinum beat producers to interactive improv-loopers, the top talent of music production Twitch share their process in real time. Here’s the twist: professionally recorded foley of the Splash Fizz beverage is given to the contestants during the show. The musicians must incorporate these sounds as the audience votes for their favorite incorporation of the sound.

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Unique sound effects created with the Splash Fizz product

Funky Fizzy Finale

Have another sip and enjoy while we pump up the taste with a live product activation. Throughout the show, an empty Splash Fizz bottle appears on the screen. Viewers must type #splashfizz in the chat to fill the bottle and earn gifted subs for everyone! For the grand finale of the show, we bubble up to the next level with a three-way Splash Fizz fill-up to determine the ultimate winner of the cash prize! The interactive graphics are a hit with the fans, adding a fun level of carbonated fizz to the already delicious flavor of this inventive music competition series.

“Griffin, I love you.”
- T-Pain, to Butcher Bird director Griffin Davis