Riot Games / TwitchGaming – ‘Arcane’ Red Carpet Premiere

Twitch brings fans right onto the red carpet at Riot Studios for the premiere of Arcane, with both in-person and remote hosts, and a fleet of roving robots piloted by League of Legends super streamers at home!

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A Red Carpet Affair

A glamorous livestream event for Twitch Gaming transports fans to the red carpet at Riot Studios for the premiere of Netflix’s prestige spin-off series, Arcane. A dedicated red carpet reporter engages with the stars, providing real-time updates, exploring event activations, and conducting cast interviews. In addition to the red carpet reporter, the show features remote hosts who are experts in League of Legends lore. They offer valuable context and analysis, enriching the viewing experience for fans who are passionate about the game’s intricate storyline.

However, the show takes engagement to a whole new level by featuring 12 robot streamers controlled remotely by popular League of Legends Twitch influencers. These robots act as on-the-ground correspondents, providing viewers with a firsthand point of view and allowing them to witness the exclusive premiere activation through the eyes of their favorite content creators.

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Capturing It All

Broadcast quality feeds from the red carpet host in Santa Monica, two remote League of Legends experts in Europe, and all 12 robot streamers worldwide are seamlessly integrated into one cohesive livestream show. PTZ cameras around the Riot campus allow for sweeping, overhead coverage of the glitzy event, giving fans the unique feeling of being both amongst and above the crowd.

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