Amazon – Twitch Sells Out

Twitch smashes expectations in this 36 hour Amazon Prime Day livestream, featuring top talent, top brands, and a whole lot of wacky fun.

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Not Your Mother’s Shopping Channel

In celebration of Amazon Prime Day, Twitch Sells Out was a QVC-style show with an attention grabbing narrative twist. During this 36-hour live show, Twitch’s top talent engaged viewers and featured over 120 unique Amazon products. Throughout the show, Twitch’s built-in Blacksmith sales extension sent viewers straight to the Amazon product pages for each featured item. By contextualizing the products through an interactive story line, the show was able to surpass Amazon’s sales targets by a factor of 12x, exceeding both the direct sales goals and number of Amazon Prime Day signups by over 500%.

Key Metrics


Surpassed Twitch’s predicted sales metrics


Products for Amazon Prime Day,


Straight hours of streaming

Leaning Into the Whimsy

Within this framework, the streamers playfully showcased a wide range of products: high-end gaming peripherals, giant Jenga, a Thor’s-hammer-shaped meat tenderizer (which descends from the ceiling amid bolts of lightning and the rumble of thunder), classic Twitch merch and fashion items, 50 bags of marshmallows, and much, much more.

““Where there’s community, there’s economy.””
- Travis Stevens, Executive Producer