The Art of VTubers

Sep 29, 2022

The Art of VTubers

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The rise of the VTuber takeover

With technology booming, remote communication not going anywhere soon, and content creation at its peak, innovation is giving a new type of performer avenues no one could’ve imagined ten years ago. We’re, of course, talking about VTubers.

Also known as a “Virtual Youtuber,” VTubers use facial recognition software to animate an avatar, most commonly through VTube studio. They can then become any character you could imagine—a cute anime girl, a 2D frog, or even a Clipart lamp. Give them an avatar and a mic, and you’ll get entertainment. VTube Studio is a great jumping off point for content creation and livestreaming because of its compatibility with iPhone facial tracking, OBS, Streamlabs, or other streaming software, and a broad range of animation files.

We also found that it was very easy to work with VTubers because they knew their setups. To be a VTuber, there’s a natural barrier to entry because the technology demands they have a working knowledge of computers. This benefited us from a production standpoint, because it consolidated a lot of time during our technical checks, since we didn’t have to go step-by-step to explain how to access their camera or audio sources, for example.

VTubing is great for those who want to perform, but don’t want to put their face, or identity out there. Now, a real-time mask exists. This also cuts down on hair, makeup, and costuming time and costs. All that matters when you’re a VTuber is the performance. VTubing provides a separation of self from the internet; can help with social relationships; and cultivates a supportive community.

VTubers are a technologically savvy group who are fantastic at collaborative improv storytelling. And we’re excited to see the future of their self-expression, whether this be through VTube Studio or a new cutting edge software in the works.

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