Meet the Butcher Birds — Sasha Snow

Aug 18, 2022

Meet the Butcher Birds — Sasha Snow


Sasha Snow Writer, Production Coordinator

Continuing our “Meet the Butcher Bird” series where we showcase our amazing crew, we’re sitting down with one of our talented writers and production coordinators, Sasha Snow, who discusses writing, bringing ideas to life, and the future of entertainment.

Can you tell us a bit about your background prior to Butcher Bird Studios?

I’m a director, writer, producer, and actress with a degree in TV/Film production from UT Austin. For the past ten years, I’ve been a production coordinator, in addition to an executive and production assistant for multiple production companies and photography studios, a finance firm, a distribution company, and even a couple casting directors. I’ve worked for everyone from Warner Media to DirecTV/AT&T, to Amazon, to Netflix. I also regularly take sketch comedy writing, television writing, and improv classes from Upright Citizen’s Brigade, The Groundlings, and Second City.

Can you describe your role at Butcher Bird Studios?

As production coordinator, I assist the producer with everything and anything, from onsite management to craft service, to organizing PAs, to submitting invoices and receipts.

As a writer, I implement the run-of-show, along with my own ideas, to bring the client’s vision to life.

What’s your most memorable project with the team and why?

Netflix Geeked Week 2022, baby! Shayne Eastin, a longtime friend and a fantastic writer/producer, took me under her wing and wrote with me for about two months. We saw the project all the way through production to the final livestream. This was only my second time writing with this team and it was the best experience of my career because I saw my words come to life on such a large-scale production.

Is there anything you wish you knew before starting your career?

Writing is mostly editing. I’ve been working to strengthen my “editing muscle” over the past couple years by writing and revising my own scripts, participating in multiple writing groups, and regularly taking writing classes.

What does the future look like for the industry? What’s the next big thing?

VR. Many of my industry friends already have the Oculus, and with 3D having been around almost 20 years, virtual reality is naturally the next step. Gaming and livestreaming are already making great strides in this field, but TV/film will be quick to follow in this pursuit. Who wouldn’t want to watch an epic Baz Luhrmann movie in VR?

Finally – how do you spend your free time outside of work?

In my spare time, I create short films and photograph pets for my production company, Albino Hedgehog Productions; volunteer as a photographer, writer, and graphic designer at BunnyLuv and Bunny Bunch, two local rabbit rescues; and enjoy playing with my own pet bunnies, Beignet and Éclair.

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