Takeaways on Infinity Fest

Nov 12, 2021

Takeaways on Infinity Fest


Maximizing Audience Engagement with Video Innovation: Takeaways on Infinity Fest

With a theme that celebrates ‘story enabled by technology’, the annual Infinity Festival is the premiere event that unites the talent behind Hollywood storytelling with the power of Silicon Valley technology. Matching perfectly with Butcher Bird Studios’ ethos of tech-forward creativity, we were thrilled to have producer Lillian Diaz-Przybyl moderating a panel on ‘Maximizing Audience Engagement with Video Innovation’ in the 2021 festival this November!

The panel dove into the topic of real-time video content, discussing how interactivity can improve audience experience across a wide range of platforms. We were excited to be joined by some of the individuals creating groundbreaking video trends, including Michelle Bradley (Creative Producer, Esports Engine), Noam Dromi (Managing Director and Executive Producer, Reboot Studios), and Duke Duong (Senior Global Solutions Architect Telco, Media & Entertainment Specialist, Equinix). 

It’s a truly exciting time to be working in real-time video, as the technological infrastructure expands to solve both the problems of huge studios doing remote production, and independent creators using the latest smart phones to capture and upload HDR video to the cloud. At the same time, new creative opportunities arose during the pandemic to bring people together through digital platforms, and as live events went virtual, those innovations are likely to continue.  

On her involvement in the panel, Lillian said, “As of 2020, there are 108 million households in the US consuming streaming video each year—that’s households, not individuals—and that’s a really staggering number. Primetime is now personal. So, along with this explosion of content, there’s this sense of diversification, where everyone can tailor their experience in different ways!”

Lillian Diaz-Przybyl is a Producer and Head of Creative Development at Butcher Bird Studios. A true platform-agnostic, Lillian specializes in bringing stories to life in innovative formats and for unconventional audiences including commercial work with Microsoft and Airbnb and directing live stream and broadcast content for Twitch and Netflix. She served as co-creator and showrunner of Butcher Bird’s first narrative series, Orbital Redux

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