ARwall Joins Forces With Butcher Bird Studios

Aug 27, 2020

ARwall Joins Forces With Butcher Bird Studios



AUGUST 4, 2020, Los Angeles –
Butcher Bird Studios and ARwall announced today that they now offer production packages which combine their respective services and tools. Leaders in devising ingenious ways to implement advanced technologies for compelling storytelling, Butcher Bird welcomes ARwall’s virtual production effects platform (ARFX) as a cutting-edge alternative to using green screen when creating both original and branded content. In turn, ARwall appreciates Butcher Bird’s tech- forward approach to content development for film studios and TV networks, as well as the studio’s extensive experience in live-streaming, interactivity and experiential activations for brands, the latter an ARwall specialty.

Technology innovator ARwall and creative production house Butcher Bird Studios announce a strategic partnership, combining skills, expertise and vision to offer complete solutions for virtual, remote, interactive and live productions in Covid-19 era and beyond.

Industry insiders have deemed the combination a perfect match, forming a virtual production powerhouse. Both companies have been honored with multiple awards for their work and development of advanced tools and methods.

“We’re happy to formalize the ongoing exchange between our houses,” said Butcher Bird partner Michael Shlain. “At Butcher Bird, we enjoy working with a variety of like-minded brands, networks, studios and corporations that embrace advanced technologies and cinematic storytelling. ARwall’s team and their innovative platforms are revolutionizing this space. We love the option of using ARFX to augment sets in real-time, reducing or eliminating green screen costs and expanding possibilities for creative world-building.  With the pandemic, it also helps reduce the need for travel and location shooting.  Finally, we love that they share our sensibility of embracing technological solutions that can set the imagination free.”

In demand for their tech-forward, engaging and effective productions, Butcher Bird’s expertise in high energy storytelling and live experiences is put to use in ongoing projects for Twitch, BuzzFeed and others, generating millions of streams and participants, as well as in work for brands like Viacom, Intel, Mazda, Walgreens and Legendary.

“We’re excited to partner with a team who understands how to leverage our technology for stellar results,” said Rene Amador, CEO of ARwall. “Butcher Bird Studios has perfected remote production in this era of social distance. They’re not constrained by the new realities of shooting, and have already moved ahead with modernizing their own soundstage and their live remote production style. We look forward to see what magical new shows and brand experiences they’ll generate using our virtual backdrops. Traditional media studios are coming to ARwall to help them retool, and now with Butcher Bird we have a talented cadre of forward-thinking directors, producers and creatives to offer them.”

ARwall won accolades as a startup with ARFX, its cutting-edge augmented reality solution that’s an alternative to green screen V/FX, enabling in-camera composites for filmmakers. Other applications include integrations with video walls, a boon for marketers creating live engagement experiences and interactive displays. Recently the company announced ARFX Home Studio, a simple and smart solution for virtual home production that integrates with all video streaming tools. ARwall’s clients such as NBCUniversal, HBO and M&Ms reflect their offering’s versatility.

Looking ahead, both ARwall and Butcher Bird Studios agree that this is a pivotal time for the industry and that amidst the challenges lie exciting opportunities for innovation and evolution in all facets of narrative, immersive, interactive and branded content.

About ARwall

ARwall develops technologies for video and film content creators, arming production companies, agencies, businesses and entertainment studios with tools that help them monetize virtual worlds. Its inaugural product, ARFX, replaces film and TV green screen with real-time augmented reality VFX displays. The company’s interactive out-of-home AR solutions automate customer service, product customization, and entire sales funnels, giving consumers a new way to interact in person with their favorite brands that requires no headsets, goggles, or app downloads to participate. The latest addition to the ARwall tech family, ARFX Home Studio is a cutting-edge solution in a box for in-camera virtual backdrops. The rugged, easy-to-use virtual production software plugs into consumer HD TVs and projector systems, enabling anyone to make video content at home.

About Butcher Bird Studios

Butcher Bird Studios is a premiere full-service creative and production studio. Led by a team of multi-faceted creators, the company is known for harnessing razor-edge technology to create cinematic original and branded stories which engage a broad spectrum of audience communities.  Most recently Butcher Bird Studios produced TWITCH SELLS OUT: A PRIME DAY SPECIAL EVENT, a 36-hour live-streamed shopping show for Amazon, featuring 27 of Twitch’s most popular streamers. Butcher Bird also created ORBITAL REDUX, the world’s first live-streamed, interactive sci-fi drama which streamed on Legendary Digital’s Project Alpha channel.